JINHUADAI 3KW outdoor terrace freestanding electric heater, portable space heaters, with 3 power, suitable as a terrace…

Amazon.co.uk Price: £489.80 (as of 17/05/2022 02:04 PST- Details)

★ advanced heating techniques: is adapted to a carbon fiber tube as a heating element, as a terrace heater may be heated within a few seconds as the sun.Carbon dioxide is not output fiber heater, compared with the conventional heater, it can save 30% -40% of the power.
★ safety and convenience: Vertical patio heater weather and dust (IP44 rating), and with a protective screen and tip switch, to ensure safety.It does not require gas or other combustible fuels.
★ easy handling and assembly: and pulling the pole height control switch (160 200cm?) Can be adjusted so that the outside of the heater easier.No smell, chemical or smoke terrace heater.