no brand LTABC Outdoor Heater Gas Patio Heater Power Heater with 360° Heating Energy SavingSimple Ignition System And Base Reservoir Liquefied and Natural Gas Optional Rain Protection Price: £412.00 (as of 03/01/2024 02:11 PST- Details)

[Outdoor heater advantage]: 360° heating, about 33m2 wide range heating, moisturizing and heating, flameout closed valve protection, anti-tilt impact protection, anti-rain protection, burner reinforcement material, inside and outside the drum Spray anti-rust paint, switch knob away from the burner, suitable for a variety of gas cylinders, the product needs easy installation.
[Meticulous design]: The burner head assembly is 3.39KG, thick and solid; the burner outer net is 26.7cm, and the material is strengthened; the aluminum alloy die-casting material is pure, high in strength, and the temperature resistant valve body can be flexibly adjusted; under the same power, Natural gas, liquefied gas heating costs only a quarter of electric heating.
[Ignition instructions]: 1Open; 2Press the control knob and rotate to the ignition position; 3Hold down the knob and press the pulse igniter button until the fire is on fire; 4After the fire is on, release the pulse igniter until the flame is stable before releasing the knob switch;5 has a large fire, small fire, adjustable; 6rotate to the off position, and close the gas bottle.