5 Best Hanging Patio Heaters 2021

5 Best Hanging Patio Heaters 2021

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Beaming warmth and comfort from above, hanging patio heaters offer a versatile way to cheer up your indoor or outdoor space.

We’ve picked some of the best-selling hanging patio heaters at the moment and put them together in this handy guide. Take a look at the 5 best hanging patio heaters 2021, their reviews and then finally our guide on why you should buy a hanging patio heater.

5 Best Hanging Patio Heaters 2021

Below we’ve listed the hanging patio heaters we’ve reviewed, followed by the full reviews of each.

1) Outsunny Hanging Infrared Heater
2) Blumfeldt Heat Square Hanging Infrared Heater
3) Blumfeldt Camden Hanging Patio Heater
4) La Hacienda Silver Series Hanging Heater
5) Heatlab Retro Style Hanging Patio Heater

1) Outsunny Hanging Infrared Heater

The Outsunny hanging infrared heater is a fantastic addition to your patio or garden, providing both light and heat to the surrounding area.

Offering 2 power heating modes 1000W and 2500W, this lovely-looking heater will keep you warm on cool summer and winter nights. It is also designed with lower energy consumption which provides stable heating and long-term use.

The Outsunny hanging infrared heater is easily hung from its chain and is light enough to ensure you can carry it to change locations if required.

Its efficient aluminum reflector and metal mesh enclosure underneath adds additional protection for the heating tubes and it is also certificated to IP24 for water-resistant outdoor use.

The heater boasts a chain and hook hanging device which means you can easily attach it to a gazebo, pergola, or other outdoor ceiling and the hand pull rope allows you to turn it on and off and also adjust the temperature settings.

Main Features

  • Black aluminum frame with mesh for added protection
  • Halogen heating technology, 2 power heating modes: 1000W, 2500W
  • Heater can be easily attached to gazebo or outdoor ceiling with the provided chain and hook
  • Environmentally friendly design with lower energy consumption
  • Product Dimension: 47.7cm diameter x 37.5cm high
  • Customer Rating 4.8 stars out of 5
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2) Blumfeldt Heat Square Hanging Infrared Heater

The Blumfeldt Heat Square hanging infrared heater emits long-wave infrared light that warms all people and objects in the immediate area. It works without making a single noise or fanning dust so is perfect for allergy sufferers and noise-sensitive areas.

Its infrared ComfortHeat system brings gentle infrared warmth to cool days and nights and illuminates the surrounding area on request. The heater is highly efficient and durable with an extremely fast warm-up phase and can be set up anywhere with easy

When the temperature drops, turn on the patio heater at the touch of a button, select the level of heating you want from the three available heat options and breathe life into your party. You can even control the heat lamp conveniently by remote control allowing you to sit in comfort and adjust the heat.

Main Features

  • Remote Control
  • 3 power levels with 650, 1350 and 2000 watts
  • Flexible on the ceiling with 50 cm chain and snap hook
  • Safe outdoor heat splash-proof with IP34
  • Light in the dark built-in separately switchable LED lamp
  • Effective area: up to 40 m²
  • Dimensions: approx. 43cm diameter x 30 high
  • Customer Rating 4.8 stars out of 5
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3) Blumfeldt Camden Hanging Patio Heater

The Blumfeldt Camden is a stylish and modern-looking hanging patio heater that is the perfect addition to any garden space.

The infrared heater produces comfortable heat for any balcony, terrace, or outdoor space. The Blumfeldt Camden boasts the IR ComfortHeat system that brings gentle infrared heat to cool days and nights!

When the temperature drops, simply pull on the cord to turn on the patio heater, choose the heating level you want and breathe new life into any party, or dine al fresco until late at night. The quality design and lightweight radiant heater is easy to install on the ceiling to save space while warming you and your guests quickly and efficiently.

Main Features

  • IP24 (protection against foreign bodies 12.5 Ø /
  • Infrared heating technology, with variable temperature settings
  • Heater can be easily attached to any object
  • Stylish design
  • Product Dimension: 44 x 40 cm
  • Customer Rating 4.8 stars out of 5
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4) La Hacienda Silver Series Hanging Heater

The La Hacienda Silver Series Hanging Heater will warm up even the coolest evening. This stunning heater is very energy efficient and contemporarily styled.

The halogen element is located in the brushed stainless steel housing and concentrates heat on the immediate area while emitting no fumes. This stylish heater has three heat settings and the lamp boasts an exceptional 5000 hour lifespan providing both heat and light on cool dark evenings.

Therefore, with the heater attached to the roof of a gazebo or similar structure with a hanging chain fixing, your guests will be able to enjoy their convivial surroundings and your company for much longer.

Main Features

  • Powerful 2100w with 3 heat settings
  • Exceptional long life lamp that provides more than 5000 hours
  • Heater produces both heat as well as bright light
  • IP24 rated for outdoor use
  • Product Dimension: 60cm diameter x 35cm high
  • Customer Rating 4.6 stars out of 5
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5) Heatlab Retro Style Hanging Patio Heater

Enjoy a drink or party in the garden at any time of year, without having to worry about being cold. This super 1500W infrared heater provides targeted heat instantly, using low-frequency waves. The heater combines a robust structure with excellent design, making the product ideal for domestic and commercial use.

This new retro-style hanging heater will keep you warm on chilly nights and is versatile enough to be placed in a variety of locations, such as within marquees, gazebos, or conservatories.

The Heatlab Retro Style hanging patio heater operates as both a source of heat and a source of light, so you can continue to entertain your guests well into the night

When it comes to heating, electric heaters have several advantages over traditional gas heaters, fire pits, chimeneas, etc. The heat warms objects over a wide area, which means you and your guests have a larger area in which you can stay warm in. The electric heater doesn’t have a flame and it doesn’t burn oxygen, making it much safer and a more suitable option to use indoors than heaters with real flames.

Main Features

  • Highly efficient clear halogen heating element lasts for up to 3000 hours
  • Cheap to operate – less than 18p an hour running cost
  • IP24 approval makes the heater suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Heater is a source of both heat and light
  • Product Dimension: 43cm diameter x 28.5cm high
  • Customer Rating 4.5 stars out of 5
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Why use a hanging patio heater?

You’ve already read about the 5 best hanging patio heaters 2021 but why use a hanging patio heater?

Hanging patio heaters are perfect for providing that extra bit of heat, needed to keep you warm on those chilly summers or winter nights. Not only are they great for hanging from pergolas and gazebos but many can also be used in conservatories and other permanent structures.

They are a number of other benefits to owning a hanging patio heater, some of which we’ve listed below.

Warmth on the move

The great thing about hanging patio heaters is that there are incredibly versatile. Although many people simply leave them in one place, constantly wired up, they can very easily be disconnected and moved inside or to another location.

Most handing patio heaters are held up via a very simple chain and hook method. This allows you to simply unhook it and move it within a few minutes.

Attractive designs and lighting

Hanging patio heaters come in a variety of modern and attractive designs that blend naturally into their surroundings. Not only that, most handing patio heaters operate as both a source of heat and a source of light, so you can continue to entertain your guests well into the night.

Space saving and safety

Floor standing patio heaters’ main drawback is the fact that they take up valuable floor space. With a hanging patio heater, you are not only left with more space on the ground but you also don’t have any cables lying on the floor.

This is especially helpful when you have children. Although most gas patio heaters have safety cut-offs switches, the last thing you want is for it to get knocked over with children running around the place. Hanging patio heaters are obviously out of the way of little ones which not only saves space but is also mush safer.

You can use them inside

Unlike gas patio heaters the majority of hanging patio heaters can be used inside because they do not produce any flames or fumes.

If you plan on using a hanging patio heater inside please make sure that you check out the specifications before you buy. Most require a certain amount of space above, below, and around the heater for safety.

How quickly does a hanging electric patio heater warm up?

Hanging patio heaters use electricity as a power source and therefore unlike traditional gas patio heaters produce heat instantly. Simply turn it on and the heat will start meaning you’ll never feel cold for more than a second.

The other benefit of hanging patio heaters is that most are infrared. Infrared patio heaters work by using infrared waves to warm objects and people within the range of the heater. Therefore unlike traditional heaters, they do not just heat the surrounding air which can of course be blown away in cooler weather.