LKK-YSZWJ Gas Garden Outdoor Heater,Commercial Patio Heater,Free Standing Regulator Tower 13Kw With Wheels,Adjustable… Price: £320.03 (as of 05:04 EST- More info)

♥ Quickly heating up high power, high power up to 13kw, and then reflecting through the reflection cover, heating up quickly and smoothly. Rapid heating and wide reflection area, rapid heating and rapid heating
♥ Easy telescoping, installation height: 1.4M-2.0M (height free adjustment) ergonomic design, free height adjustment, suitable for many occasions.
♥ Three safety methods 1, flameout protection, when the flame is extinguished accidentally, the valve will automatically close, 2, hypoxia protection, before the oxygen in the air drops to affect the normal breathing of the human body, the heater will automatically shut down 3, dump the furnace When the heater accidentally tilts, it can automatically turn off immediately